Online style services

I am so happy to tell you, I am expanding my online style services and have created packages for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. With rather uncertain times ahead, and perhaps a little more time at home than we’re used to, why not use the time wisely with a little bit of detoxing and mindful dressing.


Start your style journey

How often do you buy something because it’s on trend or you love the style but your just not sure why it doesn’t quite work for you?

​Body shape analysis is the key principal to your style journey! I will analyse your shape and show you how to wear clothes and style an outfit that will create a proportioned silhouette and transform your style confidence.


Spring clean that wardrobe

With time on your hands and a wardrobe full there is no better time to detox and declutter your wardrobe. Via Skype/Zoom will work together to eliminate the style clutter and evaluate items that truly flatter your shape. Freeing up valuable space by clearing the fashion faux pas will clear your mind and lead the way to a wardrobe that represents your personality and bursts with style confidence rather than unflattering garments!


E-style edits

Whether we are focusing on a seasonal wardrobe or looking for something a bit more special I search online boutiques and source the best styles for you. I will compile the ultimate shoppable style guide with click through links of head to toe outfits perfectly tailored to your style and lifestyle.

What's included

  • Zoom/Skype consultation to determine our style focus

  • Identify shape and discuss style identity 

  • Research and online style sourcing

  • Detoxed wardrobe or shoppable Style guide with click through links sent via email with head to toe outfits perfectly tailored to your needs

Stress- and hassle-free feel; excited knowing you are going to look fabulous! At the click of a button you can be purchasing your new outfit/s with the confidence that you will feel and look incredible.

From £150